Work For Us

8 Reasons To Join Us

Work Around You

We don’t believe in one rule for every person. Choose your own hours and ensure your work works for you.

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Real Earning Potential

Our recruiters earn significantly more than the industry average.

Unrivalled Culture

​The reason for our success is our culture, we only hire great people and actively encourage input into the company strategy.

No Such Thing as a Cold Desk

Every person who joins is given an active client base, with live jobs coming through a dedicated BD team.

Cut the BS​

​As a small company, there’s no red tape - decisions are made quickly and ideas are taken on board.

Uncapped Commission​

Not only is there no minimum threshold, the sky is the limit in terms of your earning potential

Supported by Great Tech

From cloud databases to social, to computers and phones, you'll have everything you need to be successful.

Some Additional Perks

Keep Healthy

Your health and wellbeing means a lot to us. Having a great smile always helps, which is why everyone in our team can claim a full dental clean every year.

Supporting You to Give Back

We’re proud that our team support causes that are close to their heart. So, we offer everyone three additional leave days to help out others.  

Dine Out in Style

We know Sydney is not a cheap place to live! To help, everyone in our team can take advantage of massive savings across many fancy restaurants, cool bars, cinemas, shopping and other major entertainment.

Grow Your Four-Legged Family

If you’re thinking of getting a new furry friend but worried about how you’re going to integrate them into your life, we’ve got the solution! Spend some quality time with your new addition by working from home for a week.

Work from Home 

You have the opportunity to work remotely – every week! Yes, every Wednesday and Friday, the entire team is given the option to stay in and work from the comforts of home.


External Resources & Training

  • ​Bullhorn
  • Cube 19
  • LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Broadbean
  • Seek Talent Search
  • External Marketing Agency

Hear From Our Team

  • Tito Tealdo Brena

    Enterprise IT offers you the opportunity and provides the support to really make an impact in the market. The team culture is exceptionally collaborative which is a refreshing change from the top drawer tactics some like to adopt. A very approachable and ambitious leader with great vision and who’s open door policy allows you to suggest and implement your own ideas really has validated my decision to join the business.

    Tito Tealdo Brena, Senior Consultant
  • Lee Hogben

    The team at Enterprise IT have been so supportive. Learning a new sector and a group of clients will always raise questions, however, there is never a shortage of colleagues willing to help out! We’re given a great mix of clients to manage — from high volume government accounts to large multinationals and household brand names

    Lee Hogben, Managing Consultant
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