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5 Podcasts Every Female Leader Should Listen To

Published date: 2020/03


Hearing the experiences of fellow female leaders can often be just as helpful and inspiring as formal professional development. And in the age of podcasts, travelling to conferences and workshops isn’t the only way to hear from some of the brightest minds in the country, or even further afield.

Regardless of industry, many women face similar challenges in their day-to-day work environment. On the flip side, there is so much to celebrate and so many success stories about amazing female leadership and the men who support them.

Podcasts provide a unique channel for sharing these stories; empowering women and men alike by providing a sense of community for all. So, here is our pick of the best podcasts for female leaders.

Powerbanking Podcast

Powerbanking Podcast’s host, Jacqueline Twillie, holds an MBA in leadership, is a best-selling author and the founder of ZeroGap, an international training firm specialising in female leadership. Episodes range from eight minutes up to an hour in length and are designed for women working in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Jacqueline offers best practice tips and advice about topics such as navigating challenges in the workplace, negotiation skills, as well as a multi-part series discussing bigger themes like career strategy and planning. She also interviews successful businesswomen and entrepreneurs including Yumlish founder Shireen Abdullah and Dads for Daughters author Michelle Travis.

The Women’s Leadership Podcast

New York-based Leadership Coach Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin spent 15 years working as a lawyer on Wall Street, so is no stranger to the challenges faced by female leaders. Having founded The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership in 2016, she launched the podcast eight months later and now has more than 75 episodes available to stream.

Each episode has a 15-20-minute runtime and covers Elizabeth’s personal experiences as well as themes around struggle, change and transformation in women’s leadership. Her goal is to shift the way we think about “success” in the workplace, arguing that it’s not just about time and money.

Beyond the Business Suit

Beyond the Business Suit has been running since 2014 and aims to provide “information and inspiration you need to be your best self at work and beyond”. The host is Kailei Carr, CEO of The Asbury Group, who works with executive women to achieve the life and career they aspire to.

She keeps an arsenal of “secret weapons” taken from successful women that she shares with her listeners, covering topics such as personal branding, productivity and image. Kailei also interviews authors, career coaches and industry experts to garner extra information and tips for women in leadership roles. Guests have included Harvard professor Amy Cuddy and expert negotiator Dr Joseph Richardson.

Ellevate Podcast

Ellevate is a community of female professionals who work together to support the success of women across a variety of industries. In their native US, they help organise mentoring and networking, as well as advocating for diversity and inclusion.

The weekly podcast, where Ellevate Chair Sallie Krawcheck and President Kristy Wallace interview successful members of their network, has a global fanbase. Interviewees range from authors and entrepreneurs to scientists and race-car drivers, all sharing their unique challenges and experiences. With nearly 200 episodes available, there is plenty of great content to inspire you.

Women in Leadership Podcast

Back on home soil, the Women in Leadership Podcast is designed to share the stories of influential female business leaders in Australia. Host Annemarie Cross is a branding and communications specialist who is known as the “Podcast Queen” for her work at podcast production company, the Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network.

In this series, she interviews a range of female leaders across multiple industries, covering topics ranging from environmental sustainability and finding your social purpose, to getting the best out of your team and advice on how women can achieve their full potential in all facets of their lives.


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