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What Makes a Great Employee Value Proposition?

Published date: 2021/11


Competition for the best IT talent is fierce. In such an environment, many top candidates find themselves in the enviable position of considering multiple open roles. How do you ensure yours is a cut above the rest, enticing that elite candidate to apply? The difference could be your perfectly crafted Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

Defining an EVP

An EVP is a critical part of your employer brand. While your employer brand expresses who you are as a company overall, your EVP targets current and potential employees and the distinctive benefits you specifically offer them.

The components of a strong Employee Value Proposition are heavily drawn from your company values and culture. But your EVP can also speak to what you provide in areas such as professional development, as well as employee benefits and recognition.

When considering what makes a good EVP, potential employees should be able to easily understand how you operate as a company, and then decide if that suits their style of work and their future career goals. It also has the bonus of differentiating you from your competitors, showcasing your unique qualities and working conditions.

If you’re not sure if your EVP really matters, consider this as a bonus - recent Gartner research shows organisations that deliver on their EVP promise can reduce annual employee turnover by just under 70%. It also increases new hire commitment by close to 20%.

A Guide to Crafting Your EVP

Crafting your EVP is a vital part of your recruitment campaign and as such, it should be a well-considered process that is given the time it deserves.

This process has multiple stages that includes seeking feedback from varied sources, reviewing it and then carefully honing your message.

It can be tricky to get right so seeking assistance from a professional nology and Digital recruitment agency - like us here at Enterprise IT Resources - is a savvy move. With deep industry and candidate insights, we’re well placed to help you expertly define what makes your company so unique. Together, we can help you define your EVP by:

1. Seeking feedback

It’s difficult to know where you need to go without first understanding where you currently are. That’s why garnering feedback is a vital first step on the road to your EVP.

Seek feedback from your current employees about what the enjoy about working with you, alongside understanding what potential employees want (we have plenty of intel on this one!) and what exiting employees didn’t like.

Consider questions such as:

  • What attracts potential employees to the company?
  • What do existing employees value about working with you?
  • What’s unique about you?
  • Why do they stay?
  • Why do employees leave?
  • Is there anything that would have made them stay?

There are various ways to uncover this information including face-to-face and anonymous existing employee surveys, feedback from previous job applicants, and through exit interviews.

2. Evaluate

In reviewing the data you’ve collected, you should be able to see what your employees value most about working with you. Examples might be your hybrid working model, the opportunity to regularly upskill, your commitment to building strong team relationships, or clear development pathways. This will be the foundation for your EVP.

3. Craft your message

The next step is to use this data to create a succinct message that demonstrates what’s so great about your business, clearly illustrating why a top talent should be excited to work with you. This part of the process is the hardest to distil, so if you need further assistance, feel free to connect with one of our recruitment specialists.

You will likely brainstorm multiple versions of your EVP. Critically assess each one to consider if they align with your company’s core values, vision and mission, are a realistic reflection of working with you, and are unique enough to differentiate you from your competitors.

To give you an idea of what an EVP can look like, here are some great examples:

  • Google
    Build for everyone
  • Merck
    Invest. Impact. Inspire. A continuous cycle of invention, making an impact and using that to inspire internally and externally.
  • SAP
    Bring Everything You Are. Become Everything You Want.

4. Test your EVP

While this step is not essential, it is a great way to ensure your EVP is on track to entice potential talent to your organisation. You could consider testing it with existing employees and/or an external focus group.

5. Embed it

Now that the crafting work is over, it’s time to firmly embed it in your company. There are multiple avenues in which to do this including your website, social media and professional networking profiles, your recruiting materials, as well as within the company (onboarding, company communications, and incorporating it into strategic planning and reward/recognition programs).

One area to pay close attention to is showcasing your EVP through the experiences of your current employees. There is great power in an employee testimonial - it is sometimes valued more by a potential employee than what you say during the job interview. As such, aim to demonstrate your EVP in action through employee video testimonials, or blog or LinkedIn pieces.

Further Support in Shaping Your EVP

As you can see, creating an accurate and enticing EVP is an involved process, but one that will bring you many rewards, not least of which is some top IT talent!

As Technology and Digital recruitment specialists working throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, we’ve placed countless candidates with their ideal company. Along the way, we’ve have discovered what unique qualities that made them choose one business over another. Feel free to connect with us to leverage these valuable insights to help you create the right EVP to secure and retain top IT talent.

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