To avoid any doubt when an opportunity is referred to Enterprise IT Resources, we will immediately inform the referrer whether that particular opportunity is active on our database. Active on our database means that we have been in contact with the client in the last 3 months in regards to the specific opportunity. If the opportunity is not active on our database then the referrer will qualify for their reward.

The opportunity that is referred to us has to be successfully placed by us as either permanent, FHT or a contract for a minimum length of 3 months for the reward to apply. Placement of a referred opportunity must be made within 6 months of being referred for the reward to apply.

Once the referred opportunity has completed its probation period of 3 months (perm, FTH or contract) the reward will be either posted to the referrer or delivered in person by an Enterprise IT Resources consultant.

Only one reward per referred opportunity applies.

The programme is effective from now until end March 2021.

Payment is made in the form of a Westfield XS voucher.

  • If the successful placement is an initial full-time contract assignment is for 3 months or longer, you will receive a $500 XS voucher.

  • If you refer a full-time permanent or fixed-term hire role, successfully placed by us, you will receive a $500 XS voucher.

This scheme does not apply for government agency business supplied by a current government contractor or government employee