Identifying the right CxO and board-level talent in Sydney’s IT market isn’t simply about matching talented individuals with short, medium, and long-term business requirements. More than ever, leadership appointments are having out-sized effects on organisational prosperity as market fluctuations, innovations and transformations reduce the margin for error.

Honed over more than a decade in Sydney’s technology and business transformation space, our expertise and track record demonstrate time and again our ability to add real value during these business-critical recruitment processes.  

Our Executive Search Methodology in brief

1. Understand the requirement - 
A meeting between the Enterprise team and each of your hiring stakeholders to discuss your objectives for the role and define the specification. 

2. Candidate Mapping & longlist - From these requirements, we take your search to market, mapping and longlisting the available talent in preparation for initial screening. 

3. Applicant Screening & Assessment Centre - Our initial, in-house analysis of candidate capabilities, experiences, relevance to your requirements as well as initial reference checks

4. Shortlist Submission - Our longlist becomes a shortlist as the highest performers from our initial screenings are submitted to you for review and interview selection

5. Interview- A tailored candidate interview process, designed specifically to test deeper capability and suitability. Throughout this critical stage of the process, all interviews can be attended, if you wish, by a delegate from your Enterprise team. 

6. Selection & Offer Management - Once you have selected your preferred candidate for the position we will work with you to deliver a smooth negotiation process, including assistance with offer letters and  contract execution. 

7. Onboarding - We handle the legwork and logistics to ensure all necessary supporting documentation has been collected and your preferred candidate is supported though their resignation process. 

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  • A testament to Enterprise IT Resources is that we have had zero headcount turnover in the last 5 years. They understand our team and they understand how the culture and fit is going to be for potential candidates.