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Sydney IT Salaries Guide: Project Management Insights 2018/19

Published date: 2019/03


As part of the release of our 2018/19 Sydney IT Salaries Guide, we’re putting the spotlight on different areas and roles within the industry; exploring remuneration, employee satisfaction and other key factors that drive Sydney’s IT professionals. In the first part of our new blog series, we provide some insight into the Project Management arena.

Remuneration for Project Management roles is significantly higher than average, with the median salary sitting at $132,000 for permanent roles, and contract rates sitting at a median of $950 per day. This indicates that there is a strong demand for these roles within the Sydney IT market, especially in the contract space.

This was one of the more contract-focused role types that we analysed, with just under 45% of Project Management respondents working on a contract basis. Although, this is a number that we expected due to the nature of the work.

In terms of job satisfaction, Project Management professionals lined up with the overall average across the sector, which means that they were just as likely to be looking for other opportunities. Only 19% of Sydney Project Management professionals were not actively looking or keeping abreast of other opportunities. This is likely to be related to the large number of contractors in the sector – where it is good practice to keep an eye on the market.

Looking for more? Project Management is just one part of the IT industry that we analysed in this year’s report. To see more Project Management insights, or other areas of interest, download our Sydney IT Salaries Guide, here.

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