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2018/19 Sydney IT Salaries Guide: Change Management Insights

Published date: 2019/04


As part of the release of our 2018/19 Sydney IT Salaries Guide, we’re putting the spotlight ondifferent areas and roles within the industry; exploring remuneration, employee satisfaction and other key factors that drive Sydney’s IT professionals. In the latest part of our salary survey blog series, we provide some insight into Change Management. 


The Change Management sector is one we have seen emerge prominently in recent years, as many organisations undertake large scale transformation projects. As expected, these roles are largely engaged on a contract basis, as they are often tied to specific projects, and this was reflected in the median contract rate being $900 p/d – above the overall median.


This was the only sector surveyed where women outnumbered men, resulting in close to a 60/40 split. Change Management respondents also tended to be significantly older, with 36.36% of respondents being Baby Boomers – nearly four times the overall average. This is likely to be the reason why “Additional Superannuation” featured as a top benefit for these roles, where it did not for any others. It could also be a factor in why Change Management respondents were less likely to be looking for new roles. 31.82% of respondents in these roles reported that they were not looking for new roles, nearly double that of the overall average.


Despite relatively high salaries in comparison to the average, the pay increase that most respondents were looking for in a move ($10,000) was not commensurately higher.


Looking for more? Change Management is just one part of the IT industry that we analysed in this year’s report. To see more Change Management insights, or any other areas of interest, download our Sydney IT Salaries Guide, here.

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