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2018/19 Sydney IT Salaries Guide: Development Insights

Published date: 2019/04



As part of the release of our 2018/19 Sydney IT Salaries Guide, we’re putting the spotlight on different areas and roles within the industry; exploring remuneration, employee satisfaction and other key factors that drive Sydney’s IT professionals. In the latest part of our salary survey blog series, we provide some insight into the world of Development.


Developers had a slightly stronger male skew than the average, and the respondent base for development roles was also significantly younger, with under-40s making up over half of responses.


Developers were also far more likely to be employed on a permanent basis than Project Managers or Business Analysts, showing that for most organisations, the need for these skills transcends specific projects or timeframes. However, despite their satisfaction being aligned with the average, Developers were more likely to be searching for new opportunities, with 34.62% actively looking at leaving. In terms of what they were looking for in a role, the usual suspects throughout this report featured heavily: a great team, work/life balance, and a higher salary.


With contract rates sitting substantially above the average, employers could see talent taking up the option to go out on their own to secure the kind of remuneration they are looking for, as well as the increased flexibility that contracting can provide.


Looking for more? Development is just one part of the IT industry that we analysed in this year’s report. To see more Development insights, or any other areas of interest, download our Sydney IT Salaries Guide, here.

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