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2018/19 Sydney IT Salaries Guide: UI/UX Insights

Published date: 2019/05


As part of the release of our 2018/19 Sydney IT Salaries Guide, we’re putting the spotlight on different areas and roles within the industry; exploring remuneration, employee satisfaction and other key factors that drive Sydney’s IT professionals. In the latest part of our salary survey blog series, we provide some insight into UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience).

UI/UX roles are a unique prospect, combining aspects of creative design with technical development and customer experience. Another emerging field, UI/UX is an area of opportunity for those who are looking for a role that combines a variety of elements together.

As expected, the respondent base here skews younger, with Millennials and Generation Z making up over 60% of respondents, as well as having close to a 50/50 gender split. UI/UX is another sector that highlights the connection between age and job movement, much like Change Management. Just 9.46% of UI/UX respondents were not looking for a new role, the lowest throughout the survey. Nearly 30% were actively looking for new roles, while the remaining 60.81% were keeping an eye on opportunities.

Interestingly, despite the sector’s relative youth, company shares were the third most received incentive, with 23.33% of UI/UX respondents receiving this bonus. With most of the UI/UX professionals who were surveyed working for smaller companies in the $0-25 Million range, this is likely a tactic to create some degree of long-term buy-in from employees within smaller organisations and start-ups. However, when considering the ‘likelihood of leaving’, discussed above, this may not be the most effective retention tactic. Of those receiving company shares as a bonus, just 14.29% were not looking at all, while 57.14% were keeping an eye on opportunities and 28.57% were actively looking.

Looking for more? UI/UX is just one part of the IT industry that we analysed in this year’s report. To see more UI/UX insights, or any other areas of interest, download our Sydney IT Salaries Guide, here.

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