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How to Write a Job Advert to Attract Top Tech Talent

Published date: 2019/06


Creating a job advertisement is one of the first steps of the IT recruitment process, and it’s also one of the most important. A compelling job ad will make a good first impression on candidates and encourage them to apply, whereas a poor one could cause them to continue scrolling.

Whilst you can skip this step entirely by partnering with a specialist IT recruiter and letting them do the hard yards for you, it’s important to know a few basics if you decide to tackle it yourself. Here are our tips on how to write a job advert that will grab the attention of top IT talent.

​Create a Clear Job Title

When putting together a job advert, the best place to start is with a clear title, as this will determine whether the vacancy gets in front of candidates. Think of a job board like Google – by default it will rank adverts based on relevancy, so it’s important that the title reflects what candidates are actually searching for (hint: it’s not “Digital Superstar”).  

With this in mind, don’t try to be too clever and confuse your readers. Instead, keep it clear and specific to what the job is about – in other words, don’t over-inflate the title to the point of being unrecognisable. Sometimes an internal job title may not always be particularly relatable, so consider adjusting it a little for the advert to ensure it catches the right eyes!

Describe a Typical Day in the Role

A job advert should be more than a comprehensive list of major duties and responsibilities – in order to entice your intended audience, the most effective strategy is to help them visualise what a typical day in the role would look like. We know it might sound obvious, but be specific about what the successful candidate will be doing, placing emphasis on the aspects of the role that make it attractive and differentiate it from other opportunities on the market.

Here are some examples of what IT candidates may be looking for in your job ad:

  • The opportunity to play a key role in IT projects that will impact the future of the organisation
  • The chance to work with cutting-edge technology and innovations
  • The ability to work autonomously or in a leadership capacity
  • Prospects for ongoing growth and professional development

Highlight What the Role and the Company Have to Offer

An effective job ad is not just a list of requirements for a particular vacancy, rather it’s about selling the role and the company to prospective candidates.

The first thing you want to think about is the persona (or personas) of your ideal candidate. Or in other words, think about who specifically you are writing the job ad for:

  • Who are they and what stage of their career are they in?
  • What about this particular role might appeal to them?
  • Think also about location, career opportunities and challenges

It is absolutely necessary to mention the essential skills and experience required for the role, but try not to go overboard with a long list of “must haves” – rather put the emphasis on the most important skills required so as not to put candidates off. Make sure to highlight all the advantages the role has to offer, putting the focus on the “benefits” and not the “features.”

Remember, it’s not just the job that draws candidates, but the organisation as well. Think about what sets your business apart from competitors and why it is an attractive place to work – what are the benefits of working for this company? If there is a unique brand story behind your business, now is your time to tell it! A good job advertisement example will spark the readers' curiosity by sharing the company’s vision and identity. The goal is to help them to imagine what the organisation and team would be like to work in. However, avoid over exaggerating the company or the role, as this will get found out later during the interview stage or when the new hire starts – the last thing you want is a disappointed new employee.


Ultimately, the aim of a job advert is to attract the attention of job seekers and spark their interest in what you have to offer. Keep in mind that writing and posting the advert is just the first step – you also need to ensure there are enough resources to respond and begin communication with potential new hires!

For more job adverts tips, or if you would like to avoid the stress of creating an effective job ad and support with hiring quality IT candidates, contact Enterprise IT Recruitment – we’re here to take the hassle out of the hiring process. 

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