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4 Goals for Hiring Success in 2021

Published date: 2020/10


As we move further into a new year, many people are tackling the resolutions they established on the 1st of January: get fit, cut back on the alcohol, try out a new hobby or start looking for a new job. For hiring managers, this is a great time to focus on capturing the wave of new Tech professionals entering the market by reviewing your hiring process and setting goals that will allow you to make the most of this influx of talent.

Here are four goals for Tech hiring success in 2021.

Be Clear on Expectations

Working closely and collaboratively with an experienced recruiter is a sure-fire way to tap into the market’s top talent. By investing time in the initial brief, you will be able to ensure you are both working towards the same goals from day one, allowing you to secure better talent, faster.

This can involve setting out clearly what your dream candidate looks like, both in terms of technical capability and cultural fit. Think about the team they will be joining as well as the projects they will be delivering to paint a complete picture. List out the specific skills and qualifications that are mandatory, but also stay open to the possibility of candidates who can learn on the job or have experience that can transfer across projects.

Leverage Social Media

With digital technology playing an increasingly important role in the job search, more Tech professionals are either finding their next job on social media or connecting with organisations they’d like to work for and, later, approaching them for roles.

As an employer, you can use social media to better understand what top candidates expect from organisations they work with. This can include researching salaries offered by other organisations in your industry and benefits such as learning and development opportunities, flexible working arrangements and other perks like gym memberships.

Employees seeking new opportunities will also sometimes outline what they are looking for in the next steps of their career journey in their LinkedIn profiles. This can all feed into the brief for your recruiter, and also help inform new, progressive employee benefit schemes that will help you attract talent. Don’t forget to consult your recruitment partner as well – we are actively speaking to candidates every day, so we know exactly what they’re looking for and are across all the latest market trends.

Build on the Candidate Experience

For Technology hiring managers, it is particularly important to ensure candidates have a good experience when applying for a role with their company to ensure they stay engaged throughout the hiring process.

One of the biggest issues we hear about from candidates is when there are delays or inefficiencies that leave them unsure where they stand or if the employer is still interested, which can result in them pursuing roles elsewhere. The best way to avoid this is to communicate with your recruitment partner if there are any delays in the hiring process or changes to key people working on the project, as well as being clear about timelines and next steps – this allows us to keep candidates engaged and serve as a go-between to ensure they have the best possible experience.

Likewise, it’s a good idea to make sure that any information the candidate may want to research prior to their application or interview is readily available. These may include details about key personnel on your website, the history of the company and its goals and vision for the future. This should all be provided to your recruitment partner at the start of the process, but can also be made available online for when candidates are doing their own preparation. Chat to your marketing or communications team if you think the online content needs to be improved to enhance your overall value proposition.

Be More Flexible

The way that Tech professionals expect to work is changing, and whilst most people are always seeking higher salaries, the greatest demand we’re seeing in the market is for flexible working arrangements. Companies who meet these new expectations will be able to secure the top candidates and stand out as employers of choice in the market. 

Work-from-home jobs are highly sought-after by candidates such as stay-at-home parents, mature students, older workers or simply those with other commitments. These people may be some of the best in the business, but due to their circumstances, they are often not included in the hiring process. By opening up certain roles to flexible working conditions, you can vastly increase your talent pool.

Are you ready to start growing your team? As leading Tech recruitment specialists in Australia, our skilled team at Enterprise IT Resources can help with all your recruitment needs. We understand what candidates are looking for in 2021, and with our broad network of top talent, we can connect you with the best people in the country. Get in touch with one of our offices to give your next hiring drive an edge.  

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